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The First Natural Marvel of the World "El Salar de Uyuni", Hotels of Salt, Incan Towns where the Ch'ullpas even inhabits (Mummies), Lagoons of many colors, Volcanos in semi-active state, Geisers, Trees of Stone, a great variety of wild fauna and many other attractiveness of the region are what you can know with to Pucara Tours >>Read more<<



Its name comes from the Aymara word "Uyu", that means Inn.

Uyuni city was officially founded on July 1889 by the President Dr. Aniceto Arce.

Uyuni is situated at 20º29'55'' south latitude and 66º51'11'' west latitude, at 3,669 m height above the sea level, and is located in the middle of the high plateau next to the salt flats of the same name: "El Salar de Uyuni"

Uyuni is the capital of Quijarro province in Potosi department (Bolivia), and has nearly 15,000 inhabitants.

The great Uyuni's Salt Flat has a surface of approximately 12,000 km² and 8 to 9 m of deepness.

The Uyuni's Salt Flat is since one of the main tourist destinations of Bolivia. It is visited approximately by 60,000 tourists, annually.



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